What is 4D.Me?

The worlds first full colour, highly accurate, 3D body scan with change tracking capabilities.

Using the 4D.Me app you can view your body scan, investigate your body size and shape in fine detail, and understand how it changes over time.

Working with health and fitness professionals you can use your 4D.Me scan to target a body shape that’s best for you.

In coming months you will also be able to use your 4D.Me scan in many more useful and interesting ways through the official 4D.Me app.



The 4D.Me scan has a number of wellness applications in cosmetics, psychology, dermatology, nutrition, and more.


Cosmetic Procedures

Planning and Validation

Detailed 4D.Me scan data can be used by cosmetic and plastic surgeons to assist with planning and validating the results of medical and non-medical procedures, as well as remote consultations and similar discussions.

Psycological Wellbeing

Innovative Therapies

Seeing yourself as others see you, and being able to inspect yourself in full colour 3D is new experience for most people. It is very different to seeing yourself in a mirror or on video.

We are exploring ways the 4D.Me scan can be used within new and novel therapies to aid mental helth and improve psycological wellbeing.

Skin and Dermatology

700 Megapixel Skin Maps

The 4D.Me scan produces a minimum 700 megapixel map of your skin which can be used by dermatologists to assess treatment requirements and monitor treatment progression. Applications are possible across various facets of dermatology and related disciplines, including: Acne, scar management, wound healing, skin rejuvenation, vein, hair, mole and tatoo removal.

Diet and Nutrition

Healthy Eating and More

Dietary and Nutrititional issues can lead to observable changes in body shape and skin colour.

With access to the 4D.Me scan dieticians and nutritionisists can make a detailed visual assesment of the effect of a client's diet on their body, and validate the results of a healthy eating programme.

See How It Works


The 4D.Me scanner uses world class 3D technologies from the movie and video games industries to create a true to life digtal version of you!

The 4D.Me app and analytics platform enables you to view and analyse your body, and track how it changes over time.


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About the 4D.Me Scanners

Our highly accurate 3D body scanner is fast, safe and super easy to use.

  • Foot print: 2550 mm x 1942 mm (8.4 ft x 6.4 ft)
  • Secure, easy to use unattended operation
  • Variable colour and co-branding options
  • Facilitation of contactless and other payment methods
  • Bespoke hardware/software integrations (STC)
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Why Choose 4D.Me?

Advantages of the 4D.Me Scannner, app and analytics platform


4D.Me Competitors
Colour Full colour and greyscale options Greyscale only
Imagery Min. 700 megapixel image of the body None
Delivery High Quality, fully interactable 3D model 2D stills, or video/animation of model
Speed Fast sub-second capture speed 35-45 Seconds
Capture Accuracy Static capture, accurate, repeatable scan-to-scan Moving scanner or subject, low accuracy, poor repeatability scan-to-scan
View Zoom and pan your way around every facet of your body in detail Restricted limited views of the body
Personalisation View and choose exactly where you want to measure on your body Fixed measurement positions only; may be in totally the wrong place.
Sensors Over 120 sensors are used to accurately determine your measurements Typically 1-4 sensors active during the scan
Lighting Refined, controlled lighting optimsed for capture accuracy Ambient room lighting only
Measurements Pre-prescribed but user modifiable for ultimate customisation vs. body type, shape and height. Pre-prescribed and not modifiable
Posture Scan stance enables repeatable capture of full body detail A more relaxed scanning stance but detrimental to accuracy and repeatability
Repeat Scans A full range of 3D viewing options illustrating the differences between scans: (overlaid, back to back, side by side) typically just a 2D overlay of measurement slices at points through the 3D model only
Markets Multiple: Fitness, wellness, retail, medical, gaming, entertainment... Restricted: Fitness only effectively just an "automated tape measure"
Competition Unique high end results, premium product and service not availible anywhere else Similar level playing field between competitors due to technology choices; few USP's between brands.
Analysis Full 360 degree view of your whole body in 3D Fixed rotations in minimal directions only
Scanner Minimal footprint required to deliver quality results Typically more compact, but at the significant expense of output quality
Pricing Multiple charging models from contactless payments at the scanner to all inclusive with site membership. Contact us for the latest details Minimal bespoke pricing options
Internal scans When combined with bioimpedance measurement upgrades the 4D.Me scanner can also produce a report of your internal health None
Equipment Integrations The 4D.Me scanner can incoporate bespoke equipment integrations None
Security The 4D.Me platform is highly secure meaning advanced data integrations are possible, such as combination with DNA test results and other health information. None

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