What is 4D.Me?

The worlds first full colour, highly accurate, 3D body scan with change tracking capabilities.

Using the 4D.Me app you can view your body scan, investigate your body size and shape in fine detail, and understand how it changes over time.

Working with health and fitness professionals you can use your 4D.Me scan to target a body shape that’s best for you.

In coming months you will also be able to use your 4D.Me scan in many more useful and interesting ways through the official 4D.Me app.


The 4D.Me scanner, app and analytics platform together give you a view of your body like you’ve never seen before!



Your 4D.Me scan is the only 3D scan that comes in full colour, meaning it actually looks like you!


Our unique sub-second scanning process enables detailed, high accuracy measurements that enable you to analyse the contours of your body down to the millimeter.


The 4D.Me app enables you to track how your body changes over time, by comparing multiple scans and monitoring the differences in interesting and insightful ways.


The 4D.Me platform is secure and uses military grade encryption to protect your data.

Three Simple Steps


Get Scanned

Visit a 4D.Me scanner and get yourself scanned.
It's quick, easy and safe!

Analyze Your Results

Use the 4D.Me App to view and compare your scans, take accurate measurements and analyse your body. All in detailed full colour 3D.

Achieve Your Goals!

Set, monitor and achieve your goals. Actually see real results after every scan!

4D.Me Is Coming to a Place Near You!

Our highly accurate 3D body scanner is fast, safe and super easy to use.

  • Download the 4D.Me app.
  • Visit a 4D.Me scanner near you.
  • Get scanned, following the easy in-booth instructions.
  • Receive your detailed analysis in under an hour.




Get the 4D.Me App

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What users are
talking about

More than just fitness

We’re continually adding new features to the 4D.Me app and in coming months
you will be able to use your 4D.Me scan in more new and exciting ways!



Use your scan to check if new clothes will fit before you buy online. Save time and the planet by reducing send backs!


We are working with partners in the games industry to enable your scans to be used in the latest computer games and VR experiences.


We produce downloadable reports of your scan data that you can share with you doctor, personal trainer or other health professional during consultation.


Opt-in to our comparison feature and compare yourself to the nation: How different are you really?