About 4D.Me

What is 4D.Me?

The worlds first full colour, highly accurate, 3D body scan with change tracking capabilities.

Using the 4D.Me app you can view your body scan, investigate your body size and shape in fine detail, and understand how it changes over time.

Working with health and fitness professionals you can use your 4D.Me scan to target a body shape that’s best for you.

In coming months you will also be able to use your 4D.Me scan in many more useful and interesting ways through the official 4D.Me app.



Our Story


1. Born from the Movie Industry

Based on technologies and techniques used in the movie and video game industries to create visually accurate digital twins of Hollywood actors, the 4D.Me Scanner is an affordable version of capture rigs that typically cost upwards of $250,000.

2. Developed by Measurement Experts

Visual capture being perfected, the measurement accuracy of the 4D.Me scanner was further developed by a team of expert surveyors based in London, UK; ensuring that scans were not only visually accurate but numerically accurate also.

3. Verified by Healthcare Professionals

4D.Me scanners were then run through public trials with a team of healthcare professionals in clinical settings in and around London, UK. Vaildating the use of the scan in a fitness and healthcare setting as well as others.

4. Released to Market

Finally a cohort of industry experts were brought together to productize the scanner, develop its secure analytics platform and create an easy to use mobile app enabling wider public use.

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